An old elephant, who had been chained for 50 years, couldn’t stop crying when he was finally released


Unfortunately, elephants are one of the creatures that suffer the most because of the human cruelty and selfishness.

Most of the time, they are kept in chains their entire lives, never living a normal life. This elephant knows very well what it means to live deprived of freedom.

When rescuers heard about this old elephant, they immediately came to see him. What they saw was terrible.

His entire body was covered in blood, which was the result of the shackles.

He was completely exhausted, because they only fed him leftovers.

Later, remnants of paper and plastic packaging were found in its body, and naturally and because of such treatment, the animal was in a terrible condition.

Raju lived in chains for more than 50 years and was caught when he was a small elephant.

His every day was full of suffering and he had no hope that his life could be different one day.

When Raju was finally released, he just started crying… It was an indescribably exciting moment.

When the shackles were removed, he was taken to the reserve and Raju could finally experience what a free life was.

He was so happy that he will finally live with other elephants and no one will ever abuse him.

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