After meeting each other during a special festival twin brothers married twin sisters and… gave birth to twins


Every year in the city of Twinsburg, Ohio, quite unusual and even strange festivals are held, which are common here.

For example there is festival, during which all the identical twins in town are invited.

For the first timeI it has been held in 1976 and till now it is a real tradition there.

Back in 1998, brothers Sanders, Craig and Mark came to the event. 36 other twin brothers and sisters were also present there with them.

Everyone was there to enjoy their special day while interacting with others. But in addition to all that, there was a wonderful surprise, as thanks to the festival, two families were formed at once.

That day was truly decisive for the Netmaye sisters, Darley and Diana.

When brothers Mark and Craig noticed them, the sisters immediately caught their attention. So they decided to approach them and got to know each other.

As the brothers later admitted, when Mark noticed Darlene, he simply fell in love with her at first sight, and it turned out that Craig also liked Diana.

Just a perfect coincidence. After that day they started dating. Two months later they decided to get married and of course on the same day.

The couples’ parents were so happy at their wedding, seeing that their two children were getting married at the same time.

It was such a beautiful moment…  They gave birth to twins, and twins, and twins…

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