After being hit by several cars and dying, a miracle rescuer appeared


There are about 200 million stray dogs in the world, and Frank, who remained anonymous for years, was one of those unlucky creatures.

Unfortunately, Pit Bull’s downward status was only doomed to worsen when the dog hit the car in search of food.

The car also failed to stop due to the injury, as a result of which the poor dog was unable to walk or get stuck on the road. Not only did several drivers refuse to approach help, but some of them also drove directly over the injured dog.

Eventually, a woman finally stopped her car to carry Frankie on her shoulder, but she still could not call for help, essentially leaving the sweet animal to die alone.

By the time a classmate named Sarah passed by, the poor dog had already been hit by several cars. The young woman took the dog and put it in the car, and her husband quickly went to a nearby animal hospital.

There, Frankie was wheeled into a dog’s ER, where a veterinarian discovered that his pelvis had broken in several places.

Even though Sarah was a student deprived of well-known money, Sarah decided to wait for Frankie’s results, despite the high probability that he would be responsible for the bills.

Sarah returned to the hospital a few days later to pick up the crown, and then took it to another surgeon for a second opinion.

Although he did not know this dog from all the other strays that roamed their city, his greatest concern was that the animal recovered completely, regardless of its cost.

Nothing was easy about surgery or recovery, as Frankie’s pelvis was broken in so many places that he could not urinate on his own.

The location of the injury also indicated the possibility of nerve damage following an accident above the road rash all over the dog’s body.

The wanderer had a serious detachment to insult the injury, or Sarah remembers that the dog was so brave that he only shouted when he had to be moved. This led Sarah to call the dog Frank Tank or Frank for her courage in the face of this terrible ordeal.

And a year later, Frank is better than ever! He not only recovered physically but also found himself in a loving new home with two loving people, a dog brother and a sister.

And while Sarah, of course, was finally hit by the cost of medical care, she would help Frankie (or any other animal) if she could do it again.

Learn more about Frankie’s close call in the video below.

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