After being brutally abused, the little sweet pup got the support he needed so much…


Getting into a shelter for any dog ​​is actually not such an easy thing, especially when they don’t know why they appeared there and what awaits them.

They have no idea why they are in a place with so many other dogs around them. Probably there is a real confusion in their heads and they wonder who they are, friends or enemies for them.

It is especially difficult when they had been mistreated before. For them, it becomes even more difficult and they don’t know who they can trust.

They expect danger from everyone and think that they will be hurt again. A little puppy named Sammy faced such a situation.

He unfortunately had to go through the whole thing, but luckily a kind dog named Simon was there to help and comfort his little new friend.

Recently, a photo taken at the Rescue Dogs shelter in New York quickly went viral. There were the puppies, comforting each other so warmly.

They had become friends from the very first days they met at the shelter. The fact is that a three-month-old puppy was treated very badly. He was shot and then painted. He also had a fracture and needed a skin graft.

Fortunately, when he arrived at the animal , he didn’t feel alone, because there he was greeted by a sweet dog who immediately made friends with the puppy.

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