After being apart for only 2days excited mother finally reunited with her baby melting millions of hearts


The baby survived…

What happened at this zoo, people called it a real miracle.

When Kuches was born, there was almost no hope that he would be able to survive, but thanks to the efforts of the staff, the chimpanzee is already doing well.

When one of the zookeepers noticed that Mahale was going into labor, he sat down next to her.

After some time complications arose and Mahale’s labor just stopped.

An emergency cesarean setcion had to be performed. Soon Kuches was born and Turner was the first to hold him.

The little one, however, had some breathing problems that required round-the-cIock care.

The zoo staff stayed with him all night to take care of him properly.

Fortunately, everything went well, and they believed that the baby would pull through.

Kuches was receiving oxygen treatment and also bottle feeding.

As the baby finally recovered, his mother was finally able to see her baby and spend time with him.

She was only two days away from the baby, but couldn’t wait to hug him…

Looking at the soft pillow, in the middle of which was the baby, at first she does not react to it, but as soon as she sees that the baby moves, she immediately throws him into her arms.

It was such a touching moment. She held the baby close to her and stroked her…

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