After being abandoned several times “the saddest dog in the world” waits for his forever home…


The little dog you see on your screens right now is known as “the saddest dog in the world”.

Her name is Lana. Unfortunately, she is now homeless and there is a risk that she may be put to sleep if she does not find a new family.

The first time Lana was brought home from the shelter, things didn’t end well because she got mad at her human mother when she approached her at mealtime.

The upset family decided to return the dog to the shelter after that day, which made the dog very sad.

Fortunately, after some time, the shelter managed to find someone again who will give the dog another chance.

So Lana was adopted again. “Everyone wanted to take home a dog that they could play with and have a good time with, but Lana was different and not what people expected.”

She is certainly a fun and happy little girl, but she is not really a dog that will play like a puppy and actively wag its tail.”

Therefore, unfortunately, the dog was returned to the shelter for the second time and she was left alone again.

He is now waiting for someone who will finally “understand” her and make her the happiest dog in the world. She needs a new owner immediately so that she doesn’t get sad anymore.

As we mentioned, she is not the type of dog that will allow you to pet and scratch her belly, but she will undoubtedly be a loyal companion for you, who will always protect you and be by your side.

All she needs is a family that will give her a forever home and never leave her.

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