After being abandoned by his previous family, the 8-year-old dog got terribly thin crying all day long


Ray is eight-year-old doggie, who was abandoned by his family, left alone on the streets of California.

His eyes were so sad that they betrayed all the pain of his broken heart.

He had lost so much weight that his body resembled a skeleton, and his fur was getting thinner and thinner day by day.

Wandering the streets had put him in front of great and terrible challenges and he was terribly exhausted.

It is one of the most severe and cruel phenomena, when people abandon their pets without thinking about the consequences.

It’s so heartbreaking… We often come across such cases where family members give up their sick or old dogs, but they have no idea what suffering awaits them later.

Why do you treat them so cruelly? Ray was also in such a situation, fortunately the rescue organization’s employees learning about the dog came to his aid.

Thanks to the care of kind volunteers, Ray felt a little better, but he was still in a desperate state.

They decided to put the dog up for adoption anyway, maybe they would be able to heal the poor dog’s broken heart.

And we are happy to say that they succeeded. Ray was adopted, and even after everything that happened to him, Ray’s feelings for people haven’t changed.

He is now the same sweet boy who greets everyone with great enthusiasm and love.

We wish him to always be showered with love and attention of his family. He definitely deserves it.

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