Adopted kiddo wants to be the one that holds his dying pup on her way to Heaven


This is Robbie a kido who has been a victim of abuse and ignore and had spent lond and endless time in foster caring homes now knows how hard it is for aged pups from asylum centres.

And it’s for sure that the longer the child spents in the foster home the harder it’s for them to be adopted. The same story happens with the elder pets.

No matter a foster baby or a pup all they deserve to be happy and have a loving family. So when Maria and her husband adopted the baby boy Robbie that was the time when family decided that they will take in only older dogs.

And one of that elderly dogs as they call him was Buffy. Buffy required her teeth fixed and some extracted, but due to her age, the vet held a blood test initially.

Sadly, the results revealed that the elderly dog had had kidney problems. The family determined that it was best and most loving to put her to way before she lost her inclination to live and ceased eating and drinking.

Maria did her best to be ensured Robbie agreed with the decision, so she took him from school. When she said to her son the bad news, he mentioned that he wanted to be the 1 to carry Buffy to heaven.

Buffy dozed off peacefully on Robbie’s arms. The family was heart broken, but they felt sure it was the best choice.

“When I got back home, I told him how delighted I was of him because he comprehended the responsibility to look afterolder pets and trying to ensure they never suffered,” Maria said.

And the boy said that he knew what it felt to be not loved and cared for so that’s why he wanted the pup to go to lights with happy heart.

Even though the household is suffering from the loss of their lovely pup, Robbie reminded his parents that the most important thing about having a dog is how much you love it.

He understands what it’s like to be unloved for so long before finding a loving family. And with his example he showed how happy and lucky he is to have a family as them.

After that the family will continue to adopt older canines and shower them with love. Adopt rather than buy!

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