Abandoned senior dog asks rescuers to help him in the nick of time


While traveling in their car, Howl of a Dog rescuers found a homeless dog along a busy road and stopped to rescue it.

The stray dog barked at them for a few moments, but then shifted from defensive to curiosity.

When the rescuers approached the dog, he was still careful, but at the same time, he was glad that they had found him. Kind people gave him food, which he ate with joy.

The dog was very close to the busy road, the rescuers did not want to make sudden movements, because they are afraid that the dog will run towards the road, it will be damaged.

They gained his trust by feeding him first. Later, the rescuers took the chain of his car and slid it lightly around his neck.

Then they decided to name him Mowgli, a little dog in the big jungle.

The dog was lucky enough to be rescued just before the heavy rain.

After he reached the Howl of a Dog house, the poor dog was released from the cage. At first, he hesitated to spend his sweet time relaxing.

He continued to stand in a unique position. His legs were still in the cage with most of his body out. But soon he decided to trust the people once, this time they did not fail.

Mowgli liked to save his attitude later because his survival instincts were still active. The eldest dog remained in Howl of a Dog, Romania is almost 8 years old.

Despite his age, he still had a puppy heart. Rescuers hoped that one day he would find his beloved home.


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