A husky named Banner found a box and immediately calling for his human, they managed to save 7 lives…


Husky, coming to his owner, persistently was calling her, trying to take her to the forest.

Whitney, his owner, said that the dog usually didn’t like to go far from home, so this worried her.

When she went after the dog, soon she noticed a box there, which was closed.

Banner the dog behaved very restless and seemed that he knew what was inside the box.

The box was hidden in the bushes, as if someone had deliberately left it there and run away.

Whitney finally decided to check out what was inside, cautiously approaching it.

At first she heard a rustle and when opened it, it was really a big surprise for her. There were seven little kittens.

Most of all, it was very strange to her that someone had brought the box there, in the forest,

and besides that, how did Banner know about it?

However, taking the box, the woman took all the kittens home because as they were very hungry.

Banner was very attentive and behaved like a real father, never leaving his ‘babies’ for even a second.

Now the woman decided to keep two of the kittens and find new owners for the others.

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