A herd of donkeys emotionally bids farewell to their dead friend


The video below proves that all animals have the same emotions as humans. The herd of donkeys said goodbye to the rescued donkey living with him after his death.

When Bram, a donkey, was rescued by the Dutch Stichting de Ezelshoeve, he was in poor health. But while in the sanctuary, the old donkey was surrounded by other donkeys, people who loved him unconditionally.

Brahm made many friends in the sanctuary, such as the leader of the herd of dark brown donkeys in the video below. You see the donkeys crying as they enter the yard to say goodbye to Bram.

Moreover, the leader could not believe that Bran was dead as he tried to force him to wake up by squeezing Bram’s belly. How emotional!

Watch the video below.

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