A good samaritan rescued 2 orphaned kittens, who turned to be a little different from other cats


One kind man found 2 orphaned kittens and decited to take them as it was obvious that they needed immediate help.

After that he started taking care of them. Realizing they were a little different than other cats, he decided to take them to Baby Kitten Rescue so they could get the proper care they needed.

One of them was found to be missing part of the toes on its front paws and the other was missing both front paws.

Both of them were very different, but also very brave and determined. Besides that, they also had other health problems.

The day they arrived there, they were in a very terrible condition.

After a while, one of the kittens was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and meningocele, but he was still too young to undergo surgery, so they had to wait until he was a year old.

That’s why his head is now covered in a bandage, but that makes him even more adorable.

He’s such a little kitty, so having a bandage on his head makes him look even more silly and cute.

Some kind people also prepared a special helmet for the baby to protect his head while playing and running.

Despite all these problems, they don’t seem to realize that they are different from others.

They love life and enjoy it with their foster mother and nothing can stop them from doing what they love. The best days are yet to come.

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