A Blanket Kept It All Under Wraps, But The Next Day Would Bring New Hope


Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers were called after one of the villages found their stray dog ​​in grave danger.

He had a huge wound around his neck and needed immediate help and they wrapped him in a blanket to try to keep him as calm and as possible…

They think that maybe the tire of the car caught his skin and tore it.

Rescuers carefully took him to a car to take him to a hospital for emergency surgery.

Fortunately, there was enough skin to heal the wound easily. Now they could only wait, but the next day brought new hope.

Molly woke up with a big appetite, as if she had recovered.

They sterilized him, applied ointment to the wound, and it began to heal well.

He would have died in a day without help, but wait until you see the dog

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