A baby and a French bulldog who were born on the same day think they are brothers and do everything together


Babies and pups are able to create such strong bonds that it sometimes seems unbelievable.

They are only capable of giving unconditional love to each other.

What could be cuter than a baby and a puppy born on the same day?

They seem to be able to communicate with each other without speaking and, growing up together, formed such a bond that is indescribable in words.

Their mother, who lives in Chicago and photographer Yvette Ivens, witnesses the incredible bond between a little boy named Dylan and a bulldog puppy, Farley, every day.

Many undoubtedly attribute this to the fact that they were born on the same day.

So the sweetest duo is on your screens, Dylan and Farley,who have taken the entire internet by storm.

When Dylan’s mother saw the French bulldog and learned that he was born on the same day as her son, she immediately knew they were meant to be best friends.

And from the moment of their first meeting, they became inseparable and do everything together. They probably think they are the same species.

Yvette said that Farley is very caring and patient: they always play together and besides, the dog always tries not to snore when they both sleep.

“Farley is always by Dylan’s side and follows him everywhere. The sweet dog is always ready to help and even cleans up the mess when he eats…

When he cries, he tries to make the boy laugh and starts by licking his neck.

Honestly, this is the most wonderful and unique bond we’ve ever seen, so beautiful and pure , that seems unbelievable.

Now you can enjoy some pictures from their amazing photo shoot here.

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