5-year-old boy amazed everyone when he suddenly started performing Mozart… Just enjoy!!


When a boy who was only five years old came on stage in a small hall, no one could imagine what a big surprise was waiting for them.

When the boy came to the stage, he sat down at the piano and seconds later everyone was listening withց…

Confidently opening the lid, the boy suddenly began to play one of Mozart’s compositions without making a single mistake.

The boy played that difficult composition just brilliantly…

It was still the first note, but everyone was already amazed.

Of course, they immediately recognized that work of Mozart, which even many musicians consider difficult to perform.

The boy grew up in a family of musicians and learned to play when he was only 3 years old.

It was incredible, indescribably flawless, especially when you realize that there was only a 5-year-old playing there.

Let’s not forget about the size of his hands, because after all, the piano must be more difficult for him to play than for adults.

When the video of this brilliant performance appeared on the Internet, it went viral all over the world.

People from all over the world wrote admiring words. We are sure that we will hear the name of Alberto Cartucha Cingolan in the near future!!

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