Wonderful couple happily married for almost 80 years are hitting 100 together


In 1943 these amazing couple Juna and Hubert got married. At that time they had no idea that they had more than 80 years to live together.

When they were 19 they first met in the church, and no long after that decided to spend the rest of their lives together. They just had the feeling of being perfect for one another.

So when Hubert came back from the army they settled down. The cople had together three children and now they share 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

They both will turn 100 this month. The beautiful couple told that when they were young they were not going out for many times, they were happily sitting for dinner and telling about their days.

They really enjoyed the life they lived, and say that it was wonderful. They haven’t even arranged weekly night dates, all they did was to enjoy each others company.

This family has been through WW2, The Great Deprssion and Covid fearing nothing. As they have learned how to be grateful for what you have and appreciate the loving people around.

So many people wondered weather thay had any quarrels or fights and the answer is surprisingly no! Of course there were lots of misunderstandings and disagreemets, but they have always found a solution to that.

Instead of fighting they preferred to take a break for a few minutes. They wouldn’t say that they went through life without problems, but they decided to do nothing that could have hurt each other.

If there is a problem you can walk away for some minutes and then change the subject or work it out, This method seems to be working as they have been living together for almost 80 years.

Over the last few years June has suffered from several strokes, so it’s a little bit hard for her to communicate. But whenever she gets the chance she shows her love towards her husband.

Before going to sleep they have their dinner and then their night kisses. They enjoy each other’s precense and feel so happy see each other again in the morning. They greet each other in the morning.

Reading such stories is so amazing. These ones are like a proof that love exists and it helps to feel good. They cannot imagine a moment without one another.

They will have a little birthday celebration in a later July. Allthey want is to thank God for all they have.

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