Wonder wolf deserted by moma taken in by people and behaves like a dog


Almost most of the people nowadays prefer having animals. Most of them prefer to have common ones such as cats and dogs.

However there are humans who love having more wxoting and sometimes even wild animals such as parrots and even snakes. But there are cases that will leave you astounded, like Kira the wolf.

She was deserted by her mom being just 3 days old. She for sure was not abe to survive alone, and fortunately she made her way and there came her rescuer Alida. She adopted her, trained, raised.

Kira was given the second chance of life. No matter waht, truth is that eventually wolves are still wild at their heart and they don’t have the inherent domestication genes like dogs.

Therefore domesticating Kira was a quite difficult task. It required double work and efforts.

Alida told their story during an interview, and mentioned that Kira’s mother was raised by humans as well and that Kira was born in the same nursery where her mother lved.

She abandoned her babies 3 days after birth so Kira was hand fed. Alida took her after she grew stronger , she adopted her from the nursery when Kira was almost 1-month-old.

Kira is a very clever but also a very stubborn anmal, her all made desicions are self concentrated. The 1st thing that her human mother worked on was her socalization.

All the wolves have innate neophobia, fer of anything new so Alida took her to lots of places for her to meet lots of people and feel comfortable living in an urban community.

Kira has an amazing character. She very stable and mild, never reacts to agression and never provokes any conflicts on her own.

Also she treats children very carefully and if she feels that someone is afraid of her she will never go close to them.

People were very curious as well, so whenever they saw kira in the street they asked to get photos with her.

They wondered whether it was difficult to live with a wolf especially in the case when I have a 7-year-old son who she loves to death.

But after all the hardwork and efforts that Alida put into domesticationg Kira she succeeded in doing so.

In real life people react more naturally as Kira is a very friendly animal, however on the interenet people are way more angry and stupid. They call me stupid names and say that i’m a psycho to keep predatory animal at home.

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