When the little girl started singing with one of the most famous singers, the audience simply got stunned…


The audience is sitting and they suddenly approaches the stage. Since it is dark, at first it was difficult to understand who was going to sing.

The interest was increasing every second and made them wait with great enthusiasm.They have to wait until the lights finally come on.

Those watching the show from home can understand that there is a young girl standing on the stage, and next to her is the world famous Helen Fisher. That little and sweet girl is Celine Tam.

They chose a great song, “You Raise Me Up,” to perform as a duet. Helen is the first to begin the speech .

She has such a powerful voice that she can convey every word of the song very beautifully.

Soon they start singing it together which was so wonderful.

Of course, no one would be surprised by Helen’s talent, because everyone knows well about her brilliant skills, and as for Celine’s voice, it simply amazed everyone.

She simply shicked the audience with her magical voice coming from such a little body.

Even at such a young age, Celine is so persistent and never stops chasing bigger stages… Hurry up and watch this magical performance.

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