Two women rescue a dog that a man was pulling next to his scooter


Heroes will not retreat when an innocent life demands salvation.

Two women in Vietnam witnessed a heartless male dog dragging a scooter as he rushed in to save the dog’s life. They recorded the horrific event before leaving the man and demanded that he release the pet.

In the video made by the females, the dog went to try not to lag behind the scooters, but when the man accelerated, the domestic dog was dragged behind.

The domestic dog tied a rope around his neck, which the cruel boy held in one hand.

The animal’s paws and belly dragged along the rough asphalt.

With the help of the boy, the women were able to get rid of the monster. There was a long trail of blood on the trip, just as a pet dog had a hard time hanging on to its injured paws.

The females snatched the rope from the beast, and then continued to offer, refusing to let go of the frightened dog.

Deal With Canine Meat, a pet welfare team that helps save, how to bring home meat-trading dogs, as well as cats, has released a video to claim: provided the injured pet dog.

He tried to operate the motorcycle, which he really does not understand, etc. The women did not think a word he said. ”

Eventually, the man came out, as he “returned his mobile scooter” and also left. The women took the injured dog to the district veterinarian for clinical therapy.

Rescuers assumed that the pet would be meat, but in time he managed to save it. Deal with Pet Meat thanks the women for being patient and saving the life of the little dog.

You can watch the video below.

Unfortunately, Vietnam’s dog meat trade kills about 5 million dogs a year. Most of the brutally slaughtered domestic dogs are domestic dogs, and the rest are stray dogs.

Dogs and cats feel extreme pain before removing them, like eating. This cruelty must end.

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