Tiny French Bulldog Can’t Contain Her Excitement While Meeting Giant Police Horse


There’s no denying that dogs are some of the most outgoing animals in the kingdom.

They can make a house feel like a home, they get along great with kids, and dogs even can help those with disabilities.

French bulldogs are a smaller breed that is known for their spunky attitude and friendly nature. One lucky Frenchie got an unexpected opportunity to meet a New York Police Department horse during her daily walk.

The horses that are part of the NYPD are known for being extremely well-trained, meaning they don’t often socialize with other animals.

This one must’ve been feeling extra intrigued when the little canine couldn’t control his excitement.

It’s clear that these two animals are meant to be friends.

As the adorable pooch approached the gentle giant, the bopped noses in what appeared to be a sweet “Hello.” While their time together was short, we sure hope they had a great time meeting.

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