This lady orders a tiny bed by chance for her big dog, but he is such a good boy and loves it anyway


Everyone loves getting presents right? So there are times when we start loving the gift so deeply and not because we loved it but becouse of the person that gave it to us.

And the love behind the item becomes more important than the item itself. This will prove you Kenny the incredible golden retriever who got a gift from her mom that was in wrong sizes.

Her mother really wanted to do him pleasant and make him more comfortable, but unfortunately the gift came in wrong sizes. But Kenny tried his best to show how sattisfied he was with his gift.

His mother ordered for him a brand new bad. But it turned out to be more of a pillow than a bad. But Kenny loved it as it was from his adorable mommy. Kenny just knows that it’s only the thought that counts. He is literally the best.

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