They Find Their Dog Playing in the Snow and The Game He Invents Has Everyone Laughing!


This Pooh swing knows how to enjoy itself. One day when he goes for a walk, his owner uses a camera to catch their pet’s fun so we can enjoy it.

The initiating dog starts from the significant slope “slides down” on the back.

Whether he is an adult or not, this clever dog still knows how to invent winter fun, to have fun like a kitten.

And the funniest part of it is the sight of all four legs, his tail all sticking straight to the sky as he runs fast down the slope.

the dog is playing on a snow hill. The dog finds his new game fun. When he reaches the bottom of the slope, he flies back over the hill to start his rink again.

It brings back fond memories of children playing with their sleds on a perfect, snowy day.

We must hope that this playful dog returns home from his walk bloated and happy to receive dog treats from his amusing owners.

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