These two have developed such an amazing bond, that their video took the whole internet


The father felt that his children would be “embarrassed” by their younger brother, Trip.

But later he realized that he was wrong and had nothing to worry about.The point is that the child was born with Down syndrome.

Reiss, their other son, who was six years old, hugged his six-week-old brother so warmly that it seemed that an incredible bond was born between them in seconds. Their sweet video shows how the boy starts singing for his younger brother.

After that the father decided to post this amazing video on Facebook and it became so popular that it has been viewed for more than 3.8 million times.

They all just adore Tripp. The father said that he, like other parents, was afraid of what might happen, but in vain, because the baby is simply perfect and now he feels like an incredibly proud father. The parents found out about it during the scan.

The doctors even advised them to terminate the pregnancy, but they were categorically against it.

They mentioned that at first they were worried and scared because they didn’t know how to properly take care of the boy, but after the birth of the child, all their fears disappeared.

They also informed their children about the situation in every possible way, telling them what they had learned.

They had tried to explain to the children that their brother was going to be different, and the children responded by saying that they were all different..)

As parents, they manage to do everythingperfectly.

The child is two years old now but already he has a very special relationship with his brothers and sisters. How sweet!

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