The wounded tigress came to the forester and ‘asked’ him to take care of her baby…


Ivan has been a forester for many years. He had met many animals during those years and knew how to treat them.

However, Amur tigers are very rare in those places and the man knew that these animals are also registered in the Red Book, so their hunting is prohibited.

That day, Ivan was working in his house, when he suddenly saw a tiger that came quite close to his house.

It surprised him a lot, but at the same time he understood that the animal would not appear there without a reason. .So he went out into the yard, but he did not take a gun with him, although he knew that the beast could tear him to pieces.

The man immediately noticed that the tiger was injured and needed help. Probably he was wounded by poachers.

The tiger was carefully looking at the man, as if he was sure that he would help him and was waiting for his support.

Then, however, he turned back and disappeared in the forest. Some time after all that, he appeared again, but this time the animal did not visit the man alone.

He brought a one-month-old tiger cub, which he left near Ivan’s house and quickly disappeared into the taiga.

The baby was very snall and needed immediate care. He decided to take care of the tiger cub until it grew up and was ready to go into the wild.  The wild animal was taken care of very well by him and he grew up there as a pet.

He played with the other animals, that were on the man’s little farm. The kind man named him Cupid.

A year passed after all that, and the little tiger cub had become a big beautiful tiger, so it was time to say goodbye to each other and return to the taiga… Thank you, kind man.

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