The woman saves a hopeless chained up dog and to say “Thank you” the dog grabs her hand


While passing across the lonely stretch of road the woman saw several dogs chained to a pole. Each of them were on 2-foot chains.

The pups were very sad, but the woman thought that their owner should be somewhere in the surroundings. When the night came the woman was not able to sleep as the only thought on her mind was that maybe the pups were abandoned.

The next day she decided to visit the place once more and sadly her worries appeared to be right.

The poor canines were abandoned and were still chained in the sun, and it was logical the the little ones were hungary and of course thirsty. So she decided to take all of them. She took them into the back of her car.

She just could not keep her tears and started sobbing at the unfairness of this cruel world. There was a moment in this story that tore our hearts to pieces. One of the dogs was very touched by the fact that the woman was crying.

He was first terrified but when the woman reached out her hand to pet him his fears disappeared. The woman was amazed with what teh pup did.

He was not paying any attention to his pains and all he did was trying to comfort the lady. He embraced lady’s arm with the intention of expressing gratitude for saving their life.

After this touching moment the woman makes a vow to do her best and make their life a better one.

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