The wolf used to visit the forester every day, but one day he didn’t come alone…


It was a winter evening when forester Stepan suddenly heard a noise from under the fence. going out to the threshold of the house, he noticed an emaciated wolf that needed immediate help.

He brought frozen meat for him because the forest was empty in winter, so it became difficult for the animals to find food.

The behavior of the animal seemed quite unusual, because they rarely come out to people, but the wolf was brought there by severe hunger.

After that day, the wolf began to come there more often, so the locals started scolding the forester for continuing to feed the wolf.

They did not want to see a wild animal in the village. But Stepan did not pay attention to what they said and continued to feed the wolf.

He understood one simple thing, that if the wolf is hungry in winter, it will become more dangerous for the village.

After some time, however, the wolf stopped coming. Everyone was very happy for that, except Stepan.

Two months had already passed when the forester heard a familiar voice outside the window.

He quickly ran to the yard and saw that the wolf had not come there alone that time.

Two young wolves were also with him and looked at Stepan. The forester began to think that the wolf probably kept the meat and fed it to his cubs.

The wolf seemed to have come with them for the last time to thank and say goodbye to his rescuer. Since then they didn’t return anymore.

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