The sick puppy continued to cry as the owner tied him to the graveyard trash and ran away.


In the city of Middelburg Heights, Ohio, police are looking for a case of abandonment of an animal in Woodway Cemetery after finding a dog thrown at Woodville Cemetery near Fowler Road, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The baby was tied to a landfill and injured by being left alone in a deserted place.

Even though the police could not decide when to leave the little dog, the most pressing issue was the dog’s ill health.

The “Middleburg Heights Animal Kennel”, where the dog is currently sheltered, stressed that his medical problems should be solved “very soon”.

Now referred to as a “cemetery dog”, its cost of emergency care is estimated at $ 1,000. The apartment appealed to the public to help her in this crucial situation.

If you want to help the dog recover, please contact the kennel at 216-273-1044. –

In addition, if you know the dog or have any information about its owner, you can report the information to the Middelburg Highland Police Department.

Let’s help find the owner of this poor kid’s scum. Put the word.

Click on the video below to watch the news about this abandoned cemetery dog.

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