The sheep dog wakes up alone at home and starts working as a shepherd on its own


A little shepherd made a mistake. This confident sheep buyer wakes up one morning alone at home, but that’s not a problem.

he knows what to do. The doctor does not waste time going to work to do (what he thinks) should be done…

Doc is a 14-month-old Border Collie who lives and works on a cattle and sheep farm in Dandridge, TN. One morning he was fired and immediately went to work.

He went down to the sheepfold, fed the sheep from their field, and went up to the porch. He was just doing his job, even though no one was home.

He was only released for a few minutes before someone came to his house and stopped him again. There was slight destruction of a candle and a wooden chair in the lobby, otherwise, everyone is doing well. ”




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