The paralyzed sad puppy drags himself for help


For millions of stray dogs living on the streets, life can not be easy, writes money-saving basics.

It is quite difficult to find food, water, or shelter, but for animals that are injured, the future is often bleak.

When Poppy was just a young dog, he was found dragging his feet along the road.

No one knows how this poor baby’s spine was crushed, but this painful injury meant he could not move his legs.

He suffered alone in a remote area until he found himself near an animal shelter, where workers rushed to his aid.
Susan Vogel was working at an elephant research camp in Botswana, South Africa, when she and her colleagues spotted a wounded dog.

“The sweetest spirit”
Animal lover Susanna picked up the poor creature and took it to a nearby veterinarian eight hours away.

The GoFundMe page, which was created to raise funds for Poppy’s treatment, says they are all surprised that he survived, given the animals and predators in the area.

“She is exploding with the sweetest spirit.

“We drove him to the nearest veterinary clinic, driving for eight hours on a horrible road and crossing the Okavango River by ferry,” added fundraiser Amanda Stronza.

He remained in veterinary care until he became stronger, initially thinking that the operation was too risky for a weak dog.

The GoFundMe page update, which raised more than $ 10,000 for her treatment, says Poppy is happy at Greenside Animal Hospital, a wonderful facility in Johannesburg, South Africa.

His X-rays showed that his spine had been completely amputated, that the surgery had only caused him unnecessary pain, and that it would not help to restore his spine.

Doctors believe that “continuous physiotherapy will help Poppy to better” recover “, possibly even some ability to stand on their own,” Amanda wrote.

“Pop will also soon have a luxury wheelchair or wheelchair to help him run and chase squirrels,” he added.

They found him a permanent home in Washington, D.C. The staff worked with a travel company to get him there.

“Given what I now understand about the severity of his injury, I’m only more impressed by Poppy’s incredible stubbornness and spirit. “What a brave little cub,” Amanda wrote.

“We did not find him in that remote part of Botswana. He found us. I believe he knew what he was doing.”

What a remarkable dog! I know that Pop will recover well, given his energy and determination.

Please spread the word to pay tribute to all the people who helped Poppy recover.

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