The man finds a bowl of honey bees and discovers that the queen has attacked inside


I have never heard or seen bees do that. In this unusual video, Fred Boucher, who raised bee queens in his backyard, found a beehive under one of his mating nooks (the nuc is a nuclear bee colony).

The bees were very excited, he could hear the loud giggle inside the ball.

He had never seen anything like it before, at first he did not know what was inside the ball, but he suspected that it was a queen bee.

Why did the bees attack the queen bee? As Fred explains in the video, each queen must leave her nuclear bee colony, where she “rules” the group.


To give birth to bees, she has to stop mating, fly where there are drones, mate with many of them.

Then he must return to his novelty. This is the only case when the queen leaves her hive. But in the case of this queen, he made a mistake in surviving and returned to the wrong nucleus.

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