The little terrified shelter dog was constantly neglected— until one kind man appeared


Noodles’ story the shelter canine got going as a miserable one. The abused Beagle was frightened of everybody and was continually disregarded by all.

She’d simply sit in the corner and never look at anybody straightforwardly into eyes. Noodles stayed there as though she needed to pass on. Until one particular man appeared and chose to give her a chance.

The discouraged canine got his attention, and he just needed to help out. He brought her home and acquainted her with another canine he’d saved, named Weezie.

The two canines hit it off immediately and bonded as though they realized they shared something in common.

This assisted Noodles with breaking out and about, and she at last turned into something else altogether! She’s a sweet young lady with an incredible character. The man’s takeaway from her story?

“Save a haven canine… you will be happy you did.”

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