The lions simply go wild when they reunite with their human mother who raised them …


It was a very adorable moment when these lions were reunited with the woman who raised them.

It all started when the two big cats were abandoned by their mother when they were just born, so they were given to a lion rescue center located in Slovakia.

There they were cared for by people they came to think of as their parents.

Fortunately, the two little furballs ended up in the hands of very caring people and did not feel alone after being abandoned.

They met the person who truly saved their lives. Michaela’s love was so much that was simply enough for big cats as it was what they needed the most.

The woman named the sweet babies Malkia and Adel.When the two lions were old enough, it was necessary to move them to a more suitable habitat, but their adoptive mother would still be able to visit them after that.

And believe me, their reunion moment is something you definitely won’t see every day.

It was so exciting when they saw Michaela. See how the lion immediately runs and hugs the woman.

They are hugging their mom with their big paws, whom they haven’t been able to see in years. Just watch this heartwarming video here.

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