The hungry dog has been stuck in the inconsolable house for 2 weeks


The abandoned dog, later named Pips, entered the old dilapidated house through the basement window and could not get out on its own, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

He was left without food or water for two weeks. He was extremely malnourished, lonely and terrified.

Fortunately, relatives spotted him standing by the second-floor window and called the St. Louis Rescue Service for help.

The rescuers quickly reached the house and went up through the small window. The house was being torn down and filled with rubbish and debris.

They went up the stairs to see the poor cub standing above them. He looked confused and scared, but at the same time, it could be said that he calmed down, finally seeing people.

Rescuers threw food at him to gain his trust and told him they were there to help. They chained him and escorted him up the stairs to safety.

They picked him up from the basement through the window before bringing him to their car. They quickly discovered how friendly and sweet Pips was.

“He was scared and shy, but as soon as you touch him, he melts. “He just wants to turn to you and you tell him everything will be fine,” Stray Rescue wrote on Twitter. “What, darling?”

He put his head on the arm of his rescuer in the car, now he was on the way to a new life. She now enjoys big meals and soft blankets in their shelter. When she is ready, she will be available for adoption

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