The horse who lost her baby breathed a new life after meeting the orphaned foal


A Friesian horse lives in Holland, whose name is Yuniek.

She was pregnant, but when she went into labor, it became clear that something was wrong and she became very restless.

The horse was turning around in the barn and constantly showing signs of anxiety.

Her master, Yvonne, stayed by her side all the time, trying to soothe her with his sweet talk.

Finally, about an hour later, her foal was born, but shortly after, the vets reported that the foal was not breathing.

They made every effort to revive him, but Yuniek’s foal was unfortunately stillborn.

The poor mother could not rest and continued to lick the lifeless foal as if trying to revive him, but it was already impossible.

Yvonne did everything to comfort the worried mother. It was such a painful scene.

The horse was devastated and kept circling the barn looking for the foal.

She suffered greatly from both physical and mental pains.

This went on for a few days, then Yvonne’s friend called to say they were taking care of an orphaned baby, but they wesren’t sure if the horse would agree to take care of the baby.

However, they took him to the farm as they did not want to lose hope.

They hoped that the horse would let in the foal, who had also lost his family and both of them needed each other.
And guess what? It was a real miracle…

It was love at first sight. The horse warmly began to smell the foal, and Yvonne was greatly shocked by this.

Since that day, the two have become inseparable e. THAT was exactly what they both needed. We are so happy that everything ended well.

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