The frightened rescue dog tried to bite the foster mother, but the woman never gave up


The little dog was scared to death when he was first taken to a shelter. His eyes were red and he had the saddest look on his face. But the moment someone approached him, he cried and tried to bite them.

It was obvious that Heather was a case of chaotic abuse, who desperately wanted to protect himself from “monstrous” people, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The shelter turned to a volunteer named Niko and asked him if he would encourage an overly sensitive urge that was high risk. Niko immediately agreed and brought Heather home. However, he was at the end of his mind when the injured dog immediately refused to leave his pack.

The intimidated Heather tied him up several times to bite Niko, but the woman refused to give him up. Instead, he started stroking her when he pushed her out of the box. However, Heather retreated to the farthest corner of the box, squeezing with fear.

After many unsuccessful attempts, Niko was finally able to force Heather to crawl out of the box. He then used a paper towel roll as a shield to wrap around an unstable dog. But it was during Heather’s first walk that she finally recognized the vague sense of human security and protection.

Over the next few months, Heather’s aggressive dislike of people was forgotten. He shocked everyone, in fact, turning into a healthy embrace with a faithful, loving heart. It was a great victory for Niko when a wonderful family adopted this precious girl.

Heather was absolutely shining in her new home. While he was turning upside down, he still preferred the safety of his metal box to his dog’s bed.

To strengthen his sense of security, his new parents bought him a dog bed with a dome at the top, which was more than enough to make him feel safe again. He now lives the best life, completely untouched by the misfortunes that befell him in the past.

Click on the video below to see how a group of nurturing people banished Heather’s pain forever.

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