The cutest wild hug between two unbelievable friends


Zaheet Ali spoted a rhino in solitude sitting on grass while driving along the wilderness of South Africa.

At first he, although having her camera ready, doesn’t note something that is worth capturing on camera. But everthing changed in the matter of minutes.

There was a red-billed bird on its head. These creatures that are fed on ticks and coma and ground on rhinos rough skin ridding the giant creature of unwanted parasites.

They give these birds with safer place to live and with bunch of food, but it seemed that they have something even deeper with each other.

The most interesting fact about these friendship is even though the tiny sizes of these birds they are able to keep rhinos safe and sound. They are like their guards.

After some surveys it was proved that oxpeckers make up for rhinos’ bad eyesight by keeping them safe from any kinds of danger.

For example if these tiny ones notice a person getting closer they will utter a warning hiss or call so that the rhino gets to become more cotious.

They assist the endangered species avoid poachers that hunt them for their horn, that can be used as a medical suppliment.

The magnificent moment was captured by Ali, and the picture just perfectly simbolizes their warm relations.

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