Sweet little rescue goat grows up believing he is a house cat


Lily was raised to believe she was a cat. She is a goat. It all began when Alexa of Friendly Fields Farms took in Lily after her mother rejected her at birth.

Lily weighed only 2 pounds and was about the size of a Kleenex box at five days old. Because she was so adorable, Alexa immediately fell in love with her.

Lily’s health improved after two weeks, and she was allowed to explore the entire house on her own, just like a kitten.

Lily tried to make friends with the rabbits because she was so fascinated by all the animals she saw. She moved toward the cats because they were not interested in her.

Bean, a senior cat, took Lily under his wing. After that, Lily began to behave like a cat and enjoyed cuddling up with Bean on the couch. She went wherever Bean went and did whatever he wanted.

As Lily grew, Alexa had to take her outside. Alexa brought out some of Lily’s favorite things to comfort her and make her feel at home because she missed the house.

Although Lily didn’t get to see Bean as often as she had in the past, she still liked the company of other cats outside and cuddled up with them on her lawn chair.

Because of the happiness Lily brings to Alexa’s life, she is thankful to have her.

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