Simply indescribable admiration reigned on the stage when they began their stunning performance… Just watch


All of you are probably familiar with this world-famous show, where undoubtedly is never a shortage of talent.

Every time we witness many wonderful performances, which give us indescribable emotions, sometimes leaving us speechless.

Today, this performance too will give you indescribable emotions. So, get ready…

Despite the results are already there, maybe many of you have already watched it and there are no new surprises, there will definitely be no shortage of emotions and excitement.

Here’s the winner of this season, the owner of the million-dollar prize … the Mayas dance group.

We also join in congratulating you, ladies! In addition to winning AGT Season17, they also got a chance to perform on the show’s ” Las Vegas LIVE.”

Now you can enjoy their stunning dance performances, which you will find below. Words are not enough to describe this stunning performance and after watching, you can share your impressions in the comments on Facebook. What did you think of their performances and who was your favorite of this season?

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