Sheba the doggie who had been stolen so many years ago flied 600 miles to reunite with his beloved family


When Stephanie was told տհատ her dog had been found and was600 miles away, she just assumed it was a joke. It seemed so impossible…

She thought that someone was deceiving her but it was all true.

The police identified Sheba with the help of his microchip, while his owner was still skeptical.

However, they contacted her via video call and when she saw Sheba, it was a shock to say the least. It was indeed his dog.

The Pilots N Paws organization, which is extremely dedicated to saving animals, was very willing to take the dog home.

So Sheba was soon in the air on his way home. They had been waiting for that day for so long.

When Sheba arrived, Stephanie simply couldn’t believe her eyes. She finally saw her dog after such a long time.

Sheba was so excited that he started jumping with happiness.

He was finally at home, in the arms of his family, and he didn’t need anything else for perfect happiness.

Steph is incredibly grateful to everyone who rescued her dog and helped him get home safely.

It was the most exciting and happiest day of her life…

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