Rescuers Save Dying Orphan Sea Otter Pup, Fight To Keep Her Alive Every Day


Sinder is an ottoman that was orphaned when he was born.

He was in a rehabilitation center in Alaska, but there was hardly any hope of his survival, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

At only 5 kilograms, Cinder was so dehydrated and underweight that his guardians thought he would not make it.

When the SeaWorld staff in San Diego heard about Cinder, they realized they had to try to keep him alive.

They took him to their facility in California and started feeding him milk every few hours.

After days of relentless care, Cinder is finally safe.

Today, Cinder has twice its initial weight, reaching all the milestones for the development of a healthy otter.

The staff helps her learn to swim and style herself. She will soon become a beautiful big girl.

When Cinder is old enough, he will be introduced to the 4 otters in the garden: Mocha, Cocoa, Clover, and Pumpkin, who are also orphans.

Cinder is currently decorating Otter Outlook Kindergarten and winning everyone’s hearts with its disarming elegance.

We wish Cinder a long and healthy life.

Click on the video below to watch Cinderella’s heartbreaking wit as she grows up in kindergarten.

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