Only 4 years old, but thanks to their unique appearance, the twins managed to become famous all over the world.


Among the twins, there are always those who amaze everyone with their appearance.

Megan and Morgan attracted people’s attention from very young age, and not just because they look alike.

The thing is, their eyes are the color of turquoise water.

When their photos appearaed the Internet, they spread like wildfire in a thorny field.

Everyone was simply fascinated by the color of their eyes. Children as young as four years old became internet stars.

Their mother had given them the name “Blue Twins” to describe their distinctive eyes.

Their unusual appearance attracted everone around the world and they now have more than 185,000 Instagram followers .

And if you want to understand which one is Megan and which one is Morgan, just look into their eyes.

Megan is the one who has two blue eyes. but what refets rto Morgan, her right eye is dark brown, not blue, which also gives her a very unique look.

The twins are already 9 years old, and their mother, Stephanie,once said that she likes to buy clothes for her daughters, keeping their wardrobes very up-to-date, because the appearance of her daughters is very important to her.

Agree, they are simply stunning.

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