On their way, the couple sees the dog in need and takes the laundry basket


Imgur user OhHiDenny shared on the Internet about a lost wanderer whom they rescued on Sunday morning. A heartbreaking story has its ups and downs, but you will be happy to cling to it to the end.

Below are their own words.

“My girlfriend and I went out on the balcony on Sunday morning, before going out for the day. I would not return until late at night because we had planned a day off.

I look down from the fence to see a dog. He was lying on his own in the grass. I look around to see if there is an owner nearby. As soon as he took her for a walk, he got tired and decided to go to bed.

There is no one around. I can say that he is exhausted. “He looks at me, ‘I know immediately that we have to go down and check on him.’

“We take some turkey water, then go down to check it. As we approached, we noticed that he was completely covered in scars, terribly emaciated. He had a collar, but no label.

He ate some turkey but did not drink water. I hurried upstairs again, threw all my clothes out of my laundry basket, and threw myself back down. We picked him up and brought him to our front door. He had no energy, no feeling, no enthusiasm.

“We thought about calling a local shelter, but we could not risk giving it up the moment we dropped him off.”

“I hurried to the store to buy flea bath shampoo while my girlfriend was sitting with him.

Splash, sprinkle, he was taking a bath. He took it like a champion. Sure, she wanted to escape the water, but she was such a good girl.

We gave him two baths with lots of bushes while we were collecting lures and draining them. The number of listeners was unreal. “Every time we thought we all had it, someone else raised his ugly head.”

“The baths were over. The sweetest face I’ve ever seen came out after all the pests and dirt were gone. Hi sir, I could not hold it together. I think I was more confused than my girlfriend. I went back to the store to buy dog food, a box, of course, a small toy for him. ”

“She did not know whether she trusted us enough to sleep. He needed to sleep a lot, but his past damaged his trust in people. ”

“Well, it didn’t take long.”

“Here you can see how thin he is. I can not believe that someone will just leave a sweet dog like him. Something innocent is not worth it.

He threw it at our apartment several times. He would drink some water. Buzz. Eat some food. Buzz. “I thought it might be because he had nothing for so long that his system could not handle it, but we certainly did not know.”

“She was not against her box at all. He was so good. Although, I think he knew the word ‘veterinarian’, because my girlfriend and I talked about taking him the next day, and we looked like this. “Do not worry little girl, that’s the best.”

“X-rays did not show us what we wanted to see. He had a big block. Hence the throw. His little body denied everything. The vet gave her an enema with hot water while we waited in the room.

Thirty minutes pass and the doctor returns only to tell us that nothing has happened, that surgery is needed. He gives us an approximate estimate, we are about to jump as our newborn did.

Because we did not know what the blockage was, the doctor could not give us a chance to survive the operation. He said that because they were going blind, they would not know it until they entered.

What are we doing? How do we decide if it’s worth it? ”

“Well, let’s be honest. There was only one choice. Let’s do it! He deserves a chance. The operation is certainly not in our budget, but there was absolutely NO way we could tell them to just drop it.

Such a sweet dog is more than worth it. “We did not plan to have a dog, especially to spend thousands of dollars just on the possibility of having a dog, but we had to try.”

“Her empty box in the apartment weighed on our hearts, but we knew the surgeons would take good care of her. We got a call this afternoon and the operation was successful.

He had to cut his intestines from five different places to remove all the pieces and plastic he had eaten in an attempt to survive on his own. He is recovering, they said we could bring him home on Thursday.

We can not wait for him to be with us again. My friend has already told me that the baby will be spoiled. The baby has probably already taken my place on the bed. “Oh, it’s totally worth it.”

They came back with an update later, saying:

“I hope this is the right place to post updates. About an hour ago the surgeons called us. He had a hard night last night, but he started to bother you

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