Nobody could hold their tears back when the bride’s dying pup was carried down the aisle


Marriage and wedding are always supposed to be one of the most unforgettable days of our lifes. So such is in the case of Kelly, only in her situation she has both things to be happy and on the contrary.

As this is the best day as she marries her best friend, but on the hand she had to say goodbye her dear companion.

Charlie is her 15 years old great labrador, and Kelly’s maid of honor and sister walked him down the aisle that day.

It was in the April when the canine was diagnosed with brain tumor, so he would pass away on September. The photographer had to keep taking pictures even if she had been in tears behind the camera.

And she took this majestic scenes. Rest In Peace dear Charlie, you will always stay in our heart.

Watch their amazing goodbye video below.

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