Neglected tiger cub gets rescued from circus, makes an incredible recovery


It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Signs of malnutrition were evident as he weighed no more than 30 pounds, which should be the weight of a three-month-old baby, but he was almost nine years old.

Concerned about Aasha’s extreme condition, Vicky tried to find out what had happened to her. “I asked how a 9-month-old tiger could be so small,” he told The Dodo.

It turned out that the poor tiger cub was part of a traveling circus. And because he was kept in a cage with a bigger animal, he was not allowed to eat.

Moreover, he got a skin infection called the plague, but the lack of proper care only made things worse. So Vicky decided to take Aasha and take care of her.

He was later transferred to an isolated cell of In-Sync Exotics, Dodo reports.

“Aasha’s bald spots covered almost her entire body; her skin was dry, cracked, with dark patches and bleeding,” Vicky said. “Every day, twice a day, I would go into Asha, give her medicine, spend time with her.

“I knew I had to do it to heal.”

And after just a few weeks of proper treatment, things have never looked better for a kitten.

“After eight weeks of treatment, you can see the small spots grow into [once] bald spots,” said the kind-hearted Vicky.

However, it took almost eight months before Aasha recovered. “For eight months he looked like a real tiger, it’s time to see how he reacts to other tigers,” he told Vicky. And right now he is unrecognizable.

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