Little puppy saved by officers becomes newest member of police department’s newest K9


Animal lovers always try to help and care for the ones who need them. If it’s needed they will take them to the vet’s feed them and make sure that everything is okay with them. The same way acted these incredible two officers.

They did what every good and kind person would have done being in the same situation. During their patrol they noticed a tiny cute dog that was scrolling around with no help, being all by himself.

They wanted to help the pup and were thinking about the possible variants. They did what they thought was the best, the officers decided to add him to their K-9 squad. They became the little pup’s heroes and saved him.

They decided to name the puppy after the street where they found him, Hobart. Hobart and his savers created a bond right after. He loved being around them and started following his savior everywhere he went.

The same felt the officers as they could not stop talking about their newest friend.

They not only saved the pup they also found a new companion for them and also a good protector for their city that will fill their hearts with love and sunshine.

He is definitely the most unexpected yet the most welcomed member of the police department. These people are a great example of how to treat animals.

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