Little elephant can’t stop going after her saver after being rescued from death


Meet Moyo that was saved from drowning when she was just a little baby.

Sadly she was also desrted by her pack, but the good thing is that she was found by a group of saviors that took her to the sanctuary that was called Wild Is Life.

The owner of this organization Roxy became Moyo’s human mother.

She is now a 14-month-old and adores her momy. She goes after mom wherever she goes.

Moyo knows her mother’s smell, voice and can guess where she is every time.

However as she is getting bigger with each and every day her movements around the house are coming to be harder.

Roxy says that letting go of her will be very difficult as Moyo is one of the animals with whom she has formed a special bond.

One thing is certain for her that she wanted to give the pets full freedom so that they can live wander and have their own decisions.

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