Kind man saves starving pup alone on deserted island and brings him home


Wesley was out off the shore of Belize when he noted this poor animal. He was taken aback to find a starving pup. The dog was very skinny, but he was extremely amiable. He yelled for help, but nobody answered.

Wesley could not even imagine how the doggie had ended up on the deserted island, but he knew he had to assist the animal.

Not everything was easy though. Wesley had only 36 hours in Belize so he wanted to understand whether he would find the needed assistance to help the puppy or not.

When he arrived to hotel humans came to help straight away, they brought water, food and the bartender sent for vet.

Wesley took his savior, that now was called Winston , to the vet to be examined but the problem was that he could stay for a very short time.

The vet Mia, was every day in touch with Wesley and updated him about everything, every single progress that Winston made.

Eventually long after searches caring foster mommy Melanie took Winston and in period of 2 months kept the man updated on dog’s progress. Eventually it was time for Wesley to arrive to destined Dallas.

Their meeting was a in some kind lay off as Wesley was obliged to drive from Montana to Dallas in the middle of January.

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