Just a Fantastic Performance!! This extraordinary girl left everyone speechless… Watch it here.


Another sensational performance took place during the popular show, when a young girl came on stage. She was just so perfect…

When hearing the name “Nessun dorma” most people think of Luciano Pavarotti first, but the song took on a different tone when Amira Willihagen started performing it. The girl let out a sonorous sound on the whole stage.

She then went on a higher note, ending the first line in a deep low voice. Amira looked so ethereal and swayed gently, shining on the stage.
Everyone was just amazed. Amira was in tune with her song. Every moment, every word was wonderful.

Then, when there was a moment’s pause, she took a deep breath with her eyes closed, preparing for the final moment.

She simply left the entire audience and judges speechless. It seemed that an angel was standing on the stage caressing people’s ears with her wonderful voice.
Now just leave everything for a few minutes, click on the video below and enjoy this stunning performance.
You are just an indescribably talented girl. Bravo!!

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