Journalist steps in front of the camera but the horse has the staff bursting with laughter


Have you ever heard what people love to say when you are in the field of TV intustry, they tell never get in touch with kids or pets. Being in that field you should be ready for everything.

A journalist and his shooting team was making a TV interview with a horse breeder at his territory. And here happens one of the funniest stories ever.

The cameraman, Greg, leaned on a horse stall be able to save the camera in straight position.

Everything was just fine until the moment when a giant horse comes out and starts leaning his massive head on the shooter’s shoulder and after that starts licking his head.

After not getting any attention the horse starts nudging his ear and giving him one or two gentle nips. The final effort was the horse grabing Greg’s collar and pulls him backward.

In the face of all this challenges the professional cameraman keeps working and filming. During this the interview drones were on and the interviewer was not even aware what was happening.

It is important to mention once again about the professionalism of Greg after all the efforts of the horse who sure the only thing that wanted was a friendly pat.

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