Heartwarming moment wild horse saves young filly from drowning


Horses are one of the sweetest and most protective animals, especially when the life of one of them is in danger. These glorious creatures are always ready to risk their lives in search of their families.

Whether they live on a farm or in the desert, horses are all fearless when it comes to those they care about protecting.

This was a wild stallion that rose and saved the day when a young and inexperienced foal struggled to cross the river. The dramatic moment took place in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona; fortunately, one of the rangers witnessed the scene and even recorded it on camera.

Once home to thousands of wild horses, Arizona’s largest national forest now hosts several Mustang families.

So when Park Service volunteer Becky Standridge spotted a group of people enjoying their lunch on the Salt River, he immediately recognized them. It was the famous Champ, the dominant stallion with his large family.

It was such a calm afternoon that the peaceful atmosphere was suddenly interrupted by some noisy jumps from the other side of the river. Although they are quite regional animals, the horses are quite peaceful (except during the mating season).

So, although the two groups of horses initially ignored each other, the fearless Champ eventually decided to cross the river և to investigate.

Only strong currents were too fast for the inexperienced foal.

Within seconds, the little boy swallowed the fast-moving river, it seems that a certain fate awaits him. Fortunately, the strong champion was there to save the day.

When he noticed that the young horse was really struggling to keep his head afloat, a huge stallion approached him and pointed him in the right direction.

Just like the guardian father, he took the grieving foal under his wing and protected it until it reached safe waters and then finally on the other side of the river.

The dramatic scene was shot in a series of heartbreaking photos. Look.

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